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Mechanical Electrical Computer Hub


MECH, formed as USF’s first prototyping and mechatronics club back in 2014 has stuck to its roots of meeting weekly where members devote 2+ hours to code, 3D-design, model, and build advanced engineering projects. The general purpose of the club is to remove the financial burden of funding an engineering project. Our project history ranges from a face detecting marshmallow shooter to recreating Disney’s Baymax to engaging our first VR game. Of course, MECH does not limit the project ideas to just robots! We are more than MECH, we are a community that encourages and inspires. Besides our Friday sessions, the executive board hosts various events that help each member make MECH feel more at home.


Open to all disciplines, we thrive on diversity, different skill levels, and, above all, creativity. 

Melting Television
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